Job 92

The work on this construction project consisted of the removal of an existing bridge constructed with large timber components and the construction of a large cast in place retaining wall, structural fill and new roadway to take the place of the existing bridge. The project site was located downstream of the Hoover Dam adjacent to the Colorado River. Due to the fact that the existing bridge was critical to allowing access to the Colorado River for local concessionaires, careful planning and coordination was required to allow continuous access throughout the removal of the existing bridge and construction of the new features. Permanent construction required excavation of existing rock features, construction of reinforced concrete slope protection steps, construction of a reinforced concrete retaining wall up to 25′ tall, construction of a reinforced concrete roadway, installation of drainage structures, installation of precast vehicle barriers and placing and compacting aggregate base and surfacing materials. The site is approximately 8 miles northeast of Boulder City, Nevada and 32 miles southeast of Las Vegas, Nevada in Clark County.