Job 112

The project was located in the Lake Mead National Recreation Area near Boulder City, Nevada. The site was located on the Historic Railroad Trail. The work consisted of repair and maintenance work on 5 Historic Tunnels. It was determined that loose rock was to be removed from the tunnel portals, cribbing structure and approach walls to maintain park safety. The tunnels had areas of shotcrete lining that required repair and patching as needed to the damaged areas. The existing trail is approximately 2.1 miles long within the park boundaries, each tunnel along the trail was totaling approximately 1500 ft with a stabilized decomposed granite surface. Due to the endangered bats that live in the tunnels during the summer months, Site Work Solutions performed all work in the Fall months to protect the wildlife habitat. Pressure washed debris free light equipment was used on the Historic Trails to avoid damage to the National Park and avoid the spread of non-native species entering the park. During work hours, the trail was closed off to the public to accomodate public safety.