Job 51

The project required a highly collaborative effort from all parties to facilitate a major redesign/upgrade to existing fire alarm/ fire sprinkler systems. These buildings were multi story, occupied multi-tenant buildings, with no disruption allowed to mission critical functions. Buildings were located in Fort Collins Colorado, Cheyenne Wyoming, Bozeman Montana, and Ogden Utah.

  • Provided design and installation of a new fire alarm system in compliance of NFPA 72, GSA PBS-P100, class “A” system and regional Federal GSA Fire Protection Engineer
  • Emergency communication system (voice evacuation system)
  • Simplex addressable fire alarm system connected to an EST monitoring/ graphics package systems.
  • Designed by a registered fire protection engineer. Review of existing fire sprinkler piping and redesign to ensure current code compliance to International Building Code, Edition 2012 Section 909 and NFAP 13 and GSA Public Building Facility Standards 2014.