Job 78

Work performed under this contract consisted of multiple parts and phases including distinctly different scopes of work, as follows:

1. Re-commissioning of an existing vehicle wash station including the design and installation of a closed loop washing system that would include pumps, controls, filtration, rain controls, alarms, and piping. This new system is able to completely recycle and filter 100% of water used for washing vehicles and equipment, rather than disposing of wash water in a septic system. As the system can be filled by rain water run-off, the impact on the municipal water supply is almost completely eliminated by this new system.

2. Removal of three (3) existing power operated chain link gates and operators and providing three new crash rated gates with hydraulic pivot operators.

3. Removal and replacement of failed maintenance facility asphalt paving and base course and construction of site drainage enhancements.

4. Repair and recoating of the roof of the Elverta Substation control building and tech shop, which consists of the removal of existing roofing materials (including built-up roof sections, EPDM roof sections, and tin perimeter top caps), coating of entire roof surface with a multi part silicone waterproof sealant followed by the installation of new perimeter caps and trim.