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Arroyo Manor Sewer Project

Date Completed 2019-08-13
City: Redding
State: CA
Type of Work:
  • Construction
NAICS Code(s):
PSC Code(s): --
Type of Government Agency:
  • City of Redding
Award Amount: $264,646
Contracting Set Aside: Total Small Business

This project involved the realignment of two existing 6-inch siphons installed under Churn 
Creek.  The work included installation of approximately 1,040 linear feet of 8-inch PVC 
sewer line, installation of two new manholes, replacement of one existing manhole, and 
rehabilitation of two manholes. In addition, three manholes were abandoned along with the 
two existing sewer siphons.  Lastly, the access road was realigned and reconstructed 
over a portion of the new sewer main.