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Glen Canyon Substation Erosion and Bathroom Repair

City: Page
State: AZ
Type of Work:
  • Construction
NAICS Code(s):
PSC Code(s): --
Type of Government Agency:
  • U.S. Department of Transportation
  • Western Area Power Administration
Award Amount: $674,937
Contracting Set Aside: Negotiated

Glen Canyon Substation waterline replacement, road improvements which consist of re-grading and re-surfacing, drainage improvements, removal of three existing 15" corrugated metal pipes and concrete headwall, installation of 6' x 3' reinforced concrete box culvert, concrete wingwalls, concrete energy dissipator, removal of 24" corrugated metal pipe, installation of three 24" HDPE pipes and gabion baskets. Repair and replace the existing bathroom sewer line in the control building. Provide new low-flush urinal, replace the drain line for the existing sink, provide new toilet and repair outside hose bibb.