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Mesa and Shadow Canyon South Roads Flood Damage Repair

Date Completed 2018-02-01
City: Boulder
State: CO
Type of Work:
  • Construction
NAICS Code(s):
PSC Code(s): --
Type of Government Agency:
  • City of Boulder
Award Amount: $629,849
Contracting Set Aside: Full and Open Competitive

The project consisted of repairing a flood damaged 8' to 10' wide acccess road and trail which is managed by City of Boulder Open Space and Mounting Parks that was approximately 2.4 miles in length. This road experienced damage varying in character, from minor surface erosion to complete washout. The objective of this project is to repair the road to pre-disaster function and capacity while also making modifications to the grading to reduce vulnerability to damage by future flood events. Work included reconditioning of existing grades, repairing erosion damage to existing subgrade, grading of ditches, installation of culverts, construction of stone masonry culvert headwalls, construction of dranage features, placement of new surfacing material and site restoration. The working corridor and surrounding environment are considered an environmentally sensitive area. Site Work Solutions took great care in protecting this area by limiting impact to existing shrub vegetation and minimized the truck hauling process to preserve the road ways.