Job 86

1.01 SCOPE OF WORK: Furnish all labor, materials, equipment, and supervision necessary to repair the wastewater disposal system for the Lake Area restroom facilities off south Pennsylvania Avenue on USCG TRAINING CENTER Petaluma. The work includes, but not limited to the following:

Scope of work included installation of a new duplex grinder pump lift station and pipeline to transfer sewage from the Teen Center (building 813) and Lake Area Restrooms (building 811) to the nearest existing sewer manhole. A small fenced enclosure was constructed around the pump facility and a new electrical power source was created. The new sewer line was adjacent to  various utilities in the area, crossed a large RCP culvert which required shallow burial of the forced sewer line, a 2” water line which required deeper burial and use of a sleeve, a CMP culvert that required deeper burial to pass under the culvert, and a 30” RCP culvert that was within 7 feet from the manhole. After the last culvert, the 2” HDPE forced line transitioned to 4” PVC sewer pipe to be graded to a drop leg to be installed inside the manhole. Along Pennsylvania Ave. the line ran parallel to 12Kv power, a street light circuit, and phone and cable ducts.  Once completed and startup of the new lift station was conducted, the old septic tank (structure 814) shall was exposed, rinsed and pumped out. The inflow and outflow pipes and risers were disposed of and the concrete shell was filled with sand and then covered with soil from excavation graded to match surrounding slopes.


Date Completed: 2016-11-04
City: Oakland
State: ca
Work Type/s:
PSC Code/s: --
Govt Type:
Award Amount: $140,423
Contracting Set Aside: