Job 91

The project consisted of erosion work at Mead substation which sustained erosion damage throughout the site near Boulder City, NV. Site Work Solutions installed a drainage system as well as bringing in additional material, riprap and compaction. Removal of existing temporary rip rap and soil were implemented before new rip rap and soil were installed. The existing fence was removed and replaced with new fencing. A dilapidated cable trench was removed and replaced with new cable trench. Erosion repair of the existing flow line was successfully implemented.

During construction of the erosion repairs at Mead Substation, WAPA modified the original scope of work to include emergency repairs to the water line servicing the substation. Repairs included replacement of an existing section of leaking transite pipe with ductile iron, replacement of failing pressure reducing valves, along with replacement of over 3,000 feet of PVC water line.


Date Completed: 2017-08-25
City: Boulder City
State: nv
Work Type/s:
PSC Code/s: --
Govt Type:
Award Amount: $489,358
Contracting Set Aside: