Job 70

This project consisted of the design and construction of a 36,000 sq ft storage lot at the Keswick Dam Substation in Redding, CA. Due to the poor existing drainage conditions which previously caused significant erosion damage to the storage lot, Site Work Solutions constructed 100 feet of concrete drainage swale as well as three cast-in-place drainage inlets, connected with 12 inch diameter HDPE drain pipe to handle the substantial storm water runoff.  In order to ensure the proper flow of runoff into the new drainage structures the entire site was re-graded, paved with 780 tons of hot mix asphalt and 550 feet of asphalt curb. The primary challenge for this project was the extremely short available time window to complete the design and construction of the entire project. As a result, through planning and execution, Site Work Solutions completed all surveying, design and construction work in a period of just thirteen calendar days.