Job 130

The scope of work included removing all of the individual above-ground 500-gallon LPG tanks that currently serve the buildings throughout the park headquarters, and installing two (2) underground 6500-gallon LPG tanks at a central tank-farm site. The propane gas was distributed from the tank-farm throughout the park to all buildings needing gas service via underground main gas piping. A direct-fired LPG vaporizer was installed to ensure only propane gas vapor is distributed to the park, and a truck-fill station was installed for efficient filling of the underground tanks. The new underground main gas piping was routed, as much as possible, to follow the proposed new underground power and telecom lines, to reduce the amount of trenching and overall impact on the site. The underground gas piping was HDPE fusion-welded pipe for lines operating at 30-psi or less, or schedule 40 welded steel pipe for lines operating at 30-psi to 250-psi.  New “smart meters’ were installed on the gas inlets of all residential buildings so that their gas usage can be tracked. The individual, above-ground tanks are leased by the National Park Service (NPS) from Amerigas in Chester, CA which will be responsible for removing them. Site Work Solutions worked with Amerigas to remove the tanks and concrete bases after propane was supplied from the new tank farm and distribution system.