Job 135 J.V.

The work was located SW of Merced, California. The project consisted of dewatering the worksite using methods appropriate to the channel flow as necessary to protect the sites during work. Install, maintain and remove temporary means to unwater the worksite to facilitate removal of the piers. Remove and dispose of timer planking on top of the piers. Saw-cut, remove and dispose of 11 reinforced concrete piers. Cut piers at base within 6 inches from the base slab and provide a smooth surface on top of the cut surface to remain. Protect in-place the reinforced concrete abutments and base slab. These structures remained. Recycle, reuse, salvage and disposed of waste materials removed at the site.


Date Completed: 2021-09-03
City: Merced
State: ca
Work Type/s:
PSC Code/s: --
Govt Type:
Award Amount: $305,933
Contracting Set Aside: