Job 64

The work on this project consisted of quality control, measurement, sampling & testing, construction staking, development of grading plans, clearing & grubbing, danger tree falling, demolition & removal of, culverts, signs & sign posts, asphalt curbs, and asphalt pavement. Milling of asphalt pavement, excavation, borrow excavation, drainage excavation, Type I thru III Storm Patrolling of roads, sub-grade preparation for roads, aggregate base course construction, reconditioning of roadbed, hot bituminous paving, overlays, & patching, bituminous seal coats & slurry seals, concrete work, 12-Inch thru 48-Inch corrugated steel pipe, road closure gates, bituminous curbs, mechanically stabilized earth retaining walls, machine placed rip rap, grouted rip rap, placement of barrier boulders, 12-Inch and 24-Inch type 2 berm drains new and reinstalled, road shoulder shaping, type I & II road grading, culvert cleaning, land slide removal, road slump repairs, brush cutting, and logging out trees blocking roads.


Date Completed: 2013-10-10
City: Various
State: ca
Work Type/s:
PSC Code/s: --
Govt Type:
Award Amount: $1,995,000
Contracting Set Aside: