Job 151

The proposed work included saw cutting, demolition, legal disposal of demolished materials, and placement of concrete including expansion joints. Utmost was taken to
not damage the underlying geotextile, geonet composite, and geomembrane layers and also the adjacent existing soil cement. Work consisted of removing, hauling, and disposing of existing sediment and debris within 20 feet vicinity of work area at each crack location. Saw cuttings, removing, hauling, and disposing of existing damaged areas of soil cement to a depth of
approximately 7-in to be replaced and overlain with new concrete. A cold planer was used in lieu of saw cutting. Furnished and installed required formwork, void forms, and concrete expansion joints. Furnished and placed new 4000 PSI reinforced concrete in demolished areas, building to 9-in thickness above slope plane using appropriate formwork. Unreinforced concrete was used at one location.