Job 105

This project provided reconstruction of portions of the Bizz Johnson Trail that were damaged by a high flow event along the Susan River in January, 2017. The project is located in Lassen County, near Susanville, CA. The major work elements consisted of approximately 700 cubic yards of embankment fill construction, 1,800 cubic yards of 1′-5′ riprap placement and 300 square yards of roadway aggregate placement. All materials were transported and placed at 8 individual sites along a 6 mile stretch of the popular recreation trail. The Bizz Johnson Trail was established as a recreational trail in 1983 as part of the Rails-to-Trails program and was formerly part of the Southern Pacific Railroad’s Fernley and Lassen Branch.


Date Completed: 2018-01-05
City: Susanville
State: ca
Work Type/s:
PSC Code/s: --
Govt Type:
Award Amount: $425,180
Contracting Set Aside: